BUDDY Program
Be the one who creats first impression about Innopolis University

Buddy Program is designed for international students to fit newenvironment in Innopolis quickly and with fun. Buddy - is an amazing mediator who connects a newcomer with local traditions, customs and lifehacks to become part of Innopolis University community.
Your role as a Buddy is to:

Be friendly and open, have a good command of English
Initiate meetings, show the city, university and great places
Devote time for the Buddy program and international students during one semester
Be a good representative of the University
Contact an international student, write messages to him, keep in touch, even if your Buddy feels 'at home'

Attend a training workshop and take part in the Buddy events
If you choose to be a Buddy
Opportunity to exchange their cultural experiences
Make friends with people from a different background
Develop cross-cultural communication skills and soft skills
Help students basing on your own academic background
Chance to practice your language skills
Get innopoints
How the Buddy Program works
The UI Buddy Program runs in autumn semester. We will match people according to their area and language. We will meet the whole Buddy team and undergo a training. You will meet an international student, will show him the most interesting places in the city and at the university. Then you will hold supportive meetings, answer different questions and participate in various events.
Daria Kostyunina
Room 319, 1, Universitetskaya St., Innopolis
Tatarstan Republic, Russia 420500

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