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Scientific life
Centres and Labs
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The basic scholarship for the 1st semester:
Bachelors 18 000
Masters 24 000

Some students will be able to increase their scholarship for the first semester, if they have previously proved their outstanding achievements

Students who are actively involved in social, academic or research activities of the University may receive a one-time personal scholarship in the amount of 7000 rubles depending on their academic results during the term

If you need financial support due to some personal reasons that are not connected with your academic progres,, address to the Department of Student Affairs. Each case will be considered individually

As a disciplinary sanction and punishment for other violations, university has the right to reduce the scholarship to minimum
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Academic Life

During each term you need to gain minimum 30 credits.

1 credit = 36 acad.hours (45 min)

The module consists of your work, including the teaching workload (lectures, practices and labs), time for independent studies, preparation to an exam and the exam itself. Each lecture hour shall correspond to 1,5 hours of independet studies.
  • Core - 6 credits
  • Elective (from the 1st year of studying) - from 3 to 6 credit

All the necessary information on courses will be on

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Sport policy
In order to get a "pass" a student must
  • Attend classes in a total of no less than 45 clock hours (45 hours was calculated based on the criteria: 15 weeks X 3 hours training /week)
  • Pass a Universal Fitness Test
  • Attend 2 trainings with Sports Instructor

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Every month the accommodation fee be automatically withdraw from your scholarship.

Carry into the room such tools as - an ax, saw or drill, can only be in agreement with the campus administration.

Do not turn off fire alarms in your room, it is important for your safety. In case of violation of the rules, a disciplinary action will be imposed on you
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    Dormitory rules
      • From 10pm till 7am there're hours of silence. It is highly recommended not to play the drum, violin, piano or tick your neighbors off ;)

      • Accommodation with pets is not permitted.

      • If you damage any stuff in the dorm you will have to compensate for it :(

      • Alcohol, cigarettes (including hookahs, electronic cigarettes etc.), drugs and offensive behaviour/ language are forbidden on the territory of the University campus.

      • For breaking the accommodation rules you might receive a warning, be barred from having visitors, moved out from the dorm or even expelled from the university.

      • It is recommended to study the accommodation rules and rooms access policy available on the students portal
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        Medical checkup
        Once a year at the beginning of the academic year all students undergo a medical checkup at the medical centre of Innopolis.
        Survey data will be processed to provide recommendations for improving your health.
        Medical checkup also includes the monitoring of students' psychological comfort.

        All information about the dates and necessary documents will be sent to your mail.

        IMPORTANT! Be responsible to provide information about yourself and your health so that we can support you effectively.
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        Health insurance
        According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 326-FZ as of November 29, 2010 "About compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation", foreign citizens or persons without citizenship need to have a valid health insurance during their stay in Russia.

        What is the health insurance for?
        To get: the first aid in case of emergency;
        Free services in students clinic located in Kazan (Universiade Village).

        The Office of Student Affairs Office will send on your e-mail a letter that includes:
        • Information about available insurance companies and their benefits;
        • Online-form for choosing the insurance company and a suitable insurance package.
        • According to the pricelist pay for the chosen insurance in 319 office at the University.
        • Bring the insurance and the payment receipt from room 319 when it's ready

        An insurance policy is usually taken out for one year. It is critically important to renew your insurance ahead of time in order to avoid penalty on the part of the migration service.
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        Migration card
        When you come to Russia and cross the border of our country, you get the migration card from the migration service.

        What information you need to fill out correctly?
        Purpose of travel: Education;
        Name of host person or company, locality: Innopolis University, Innopolis city.

        IMPORTANT! Every time you cross the Russian border and get a new migration card, you need to be registered by the migration service within 3 days. Only in this case your residence in Russia will be legal.

        How can you get the registration?
        Inform the Department of Student Affairs via about your arrival to Russia in 3 days.
        Arriving to Innopolis, immediately bring your migration card and passport to 319 office.
        Hand in the documents to the members of the Department of Student Affairs for scanning and copying.
        When the registration is ready, take it from 319 office and always carry in passport with you.
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        Permit system
        • Each students and employee of the university has a digital access badge. This particular badge will allow access to the dorms, university and sports complex.
        • If you should have guests write them in the guard logbook, and they will pass!

        • You've lost your badge? Then appeal to the university's administrator (reception on the 1st floor of the university).

          Your pass can not be copied or passed to anyone, in which case it will be canceled and student will get a disciplinary punishment!

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        Driving school
        Innopolis University together with "Autoplus" company, one of the leading driving schools in Kazan, organized a program for getting "B" category driving licences. Duration: 4 months.Lectures and practical trainings are provided in accordance with individual schedules of participants. The lectures are given in Innopolis, the practical trainings in Kazan. The program starts from the second month of education.BONUS! It's free for students!

        Information about student recruitment is communicated via mail.

        What do you need to get into the Driving school:
        • Study at the University at least for a semester
        • Have a good grades
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        Meal Plan
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        Military records
        According to paragraph 1 of Art. 10 N 53 Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service": a citizen is obliged to register in the military commissariat department at a new place of residence upon arrival in case you stay for a period of more than three months.

        To register with the military commissariat of the Verkhneuslonsky district you have to fill out an application form and present registration certificate with you.
        You will undergo a medical checkup at commission's referral throughout the year, when you are called to do this.

        You don't need to change the place of registration if you are from Kazan!

        IMPORTANT! If you received a summon for a medical checkup, please do not ignore it and take action.

        Military commissariat of Verkhneuslonsky districtAddress:
        st. Chekhov, 28, Upper Uslon, Rep. Tatarstan
        Mon, Tue. Wed, Fri. 08:00—16:00
        +7 (843) 792-11-44
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        Apart from academic excellence, Innopolis University also seeks to instil in its students the knowledge, skills and values needed to be effective citizens of today's globalised world. With that in mind, the International Affairs Department would like to offer you an exchange semester abroad learning opportunity. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and it's one that the University actively encourages.

        We recommend you to go on exchange in Year 3 (semester 6) as
        you will benefit more from taking advance courses in the host institution after selecting and declaring your major.

        Find out more about benefits, partner universities and requirements in
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        Benefits of being Student Representative
        The Two's of a Student Rep:
        1. Recognize student issues, collect and raise them at the relevant meetings.
        2. Feedback information to your fellow students.
        Becoming a student representative enables students to develop and strengthen leadership skills, connect with various internal agencies, and assist fellow students with having their voice heard.

        • Become part of a group of active students that network with professionals at Innopolis University
        • Contribute to decision making at Innopolis University
        • Have a greater understanding of Innopolis University processes and systems
        • Undertake professional development and enhance your skills
        • Improve your graduate employability skills
        • Support your student group and have your voice heard
        • Serve as liaison in bringing any issues/suggestions/feedback to Innopolis University
        • Deliver key messages from Innopolis University administration to the student body
        • Suggest, develop and implement solutions related to campus life development.
        Will I get any support?
        Members of Innopolis University administration and Student Association Council will provide an induction session for you, as well as will assist any time if you face any difficulties.

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        Student Rep main responsibilities:
        • To fill student attendance sheet on a regular basis
        • To attend and participate in student rep meetings
        • To undertake other relevant activities to advance student life at IU.
        How to become a student Rep?
        1. Get a nomination form (you are reading it right now)
        2. Get someone to nominate you – your classmate must fill the form and nominate you.
        3. Submit nomination form to collection box at Student Association Headquarter (309A)
        4. Get elected and attend an induction meeting
        5. Start performing a job and attending student rep meetings

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