Volunteering placement, july-august
Inno Boot Camp 2021
Be the one who makes the first memories at IU!
Remember your first week at Innopolis University. Everything looked new. Now you have an opportunity to be someone who delivers the first impression and assures our freshers receive amazing hospitality! Apply to join Student Affairs team to help new students taste Innopolis from the very first day!
Job description and requirements
We are looking to fill three vacancies:
This role is crucial for social adaptation of our new students. You will be the first point of contact for the group of assigned freshers. We are looking for highly-motivated, sociable and creative candidates who may undertake this role with passion.
Teaching Assistant
This role is for someone who will drown our freshers into academic reality of Innopolis University. You will be responsible for setting and demonstrating academic standards. You will be put in a role of a real teacher, who will run lectures, hand out and check homework. We are looking for highly-motivated, articulate and sociable candidates who want to practice their teaching skills.
Event Organization Team
You will be responsible for designing the IBC program, filling it with content, orginize events and helping Student Affairs with other relevant duties.
What will you gain?
IBC 2021 volunteers are provided with accommodation and meal plan for the period of the project
IBC 2021 volunteers will get points for Higher Scholarship and Innopoints
IBC 2021 volunteers will be given the IBC 2021 merchandise

IBC 2021 volunteers will thoroughly enrich their skillset
IBC 2021 volunteers will have guaranteed fun, make new friends and put their name down to IBC legends list!

How It Works
Apply till 10.05.2021
Interview till ~21.05.2021
Precamp ~26.07-1.08.2021
InnoBootCamp ~02.08.2021-15.08.2021
Inno boot camp 2021
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