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Tutorship Program
step up by helping another
Tutorship program aims to:
- help students to adapt in new learning environment

- increase motivation for studying and personal development among all members of IU community

- promote non-formal education and extracurricular activities

- create closer bond between students and IU staff

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a desire to contribute to above aims. This opportunity is open to all members of staff and students from 2nd year or higher
For whom is this program?

For 1st year students

Program duration

From mid August until the end of December
Program language

Russian / English
Role description:
to be on hand for students to help them to solve issues they encounter in the beginning of their journey at IU
to organize individual and group meetings that are in line with program aims
to submit short program reports
How will the program be conducted
Candidate selection
Induction meeting & training
Student-to-tutor allocation
Group / individual meetings with students once in 1-2 weeks
Report submission
Feedback collection
Thank You Party
How group meetings with students are conducted?
- once in 1-2 weeks
- duration 30-90 minutes
- groups from >3 people
- meeting topics will be determined on master classes
- free meeting format
How individual meetings are conducted?
- meetings happen upon request
- duration from 20 minutes
- meeting topics: overall wellbeing
- free meeting format
- optional for staff, compulsory for students
- duration 2 days
- discussion of mentorship aspects
- provision of guidelines
- monthly support meetings for tutors

Why joining?
- Play contributory role in creating positive, hospitable and friendly environment at IU

- Develop communication, leadership and other useful skills

- Get branded Tutorship merchandise

- Enrich your KPI, include TP into your admin hours

- Get Innopoints (for students only )

We really hope this program becomes essential component of student adaptation process and that many of us can join our fantastic team of dedicated tutors!
If you have any question regarding Tutorship program please don't hesitate to message:
Daria Kostyunina
Room 319, 1, Universitetskaya St., Innopolis
Tatarstan Republic, Russia 420500
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