Inno Street Dance
We learn how to dance such styles as jazz-funk, dancehall & hip-hop. Dancing will help you keep fit, become more confident and stay happy. Come and join us to be part of Innopolis dancing culture.
Social Dance Club
We are the first dancing community in Innopolis. Here we learn how to dance and have fun. You can find salsa and bachata clubs in many cities of Russia. So join us, dance, meet new people and make friends!
Music club
Our club is for those who want to perform with songs at university events, organize concerts, write and record their own songs. We are meeting in the music room which has a number of instruments. You can book the music room from 7am until 10:30pm.
Group of enthusiastic and creative people are gathering together with an experienced chorister and making some art! We are welcome to either newbies and experienced singers. Language does not matter too — we would easily deal with that. We are participating in different events in Kazan and Inno University. The selection for newbies would be announced at certain time, so make sure to check the info channels!
Guitar Evenings club
Place where people want to relax in cozy atmosphere with acoustic music
InnoPhotoClub - organization for beginners and professional photographer, who want to learn new concepts of photography, improve their skills and help Innopolis University on different events
Arabic Language Club
Our active club members will be able to read and write basic Arabic text (A1 level). As for the experienced members, they will find a community of enthusiastic people to read advanced literature in Arabic language and discuss together!
Desperate tailors club
Learning how to sew clothes and crochet cool items!
The Masterful Blabbermouth Academy
Learning different languages in creative ways
Español Amigo
The "Español Amigo" club is a club where students will be able to learn Spanish, have meetings with native Spanish speakers from Innopolis and do activities related to learning this language, such as watching films, talking about music an Spanish and so on. It will be a very entertaining group!

Innopolis Japanese Club
Together we learn Japanese language and immerse ourselves in Japanese culture: history, art and animation. We learn Hirogana and Katakana alphabets and grammar, master basic reading and listening skills. Our aim is to try to attempt a A2 level exam in a year!
Miniature Painting Club
Our Club is all about the hobby, about bringing life to colorless tabletop miniatures, scale models, display pieces, and dioramas; no previous experience or art talent required! Our vision is: a world without unpainted miniatures.

Would you like to join the club? Or start your own? Then write me and I'll help you.
Evgeniia Dyuzhakova
Student Clubs Advisor
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