Let's form a community to help international students adapt at our University
Every year we welcome a number of international students at Innopolis University. Fellowship program is aimed to help new international students to adapt in a new environment, find new friends and get into life at Innopolis University. Bros and sis start working in the beginning of June, and during 3 months they assist newcomers with all issues that freshers may have. This role is crucial to creating an exceptional international environment at Innopolis University, therefore we are looking for friendly and passionate students, who will become part of our exciting team.
Who is bro/sis?

  • is friendly and open
  • is good with English language
  • is willing to help international students to adapt
  • is loyal and passionate about IU
  • is ready to devote their time to the program
  • is creative and initiative
Bros' and sis' responsibilities
Induction for bros and sis
Before you become a bro or a sis, we will organize an induction meeting. Although, we believe that our students have more adaptation experience, we want to hear your ideas to form the Fellowship together.
Bros and sis start communicating with students before they arrive in Innopolis. You will be required to answer all questions and assist with all relevant matters that freshers may have during their first months at IU.
Meeting at the airport
You'll meet new students at the airport, if you can. If you're busy, you'll still need to be in touch with the newcomers to instruct them how to get to Innopolis. When they arrive, you'll need to meet them at the dorm.
Show around Innopolis
Remember your first day in Innopolis? When you didn't know where everything was? This is your chance to help a new student to get acquainted with the University and the city.
Organize activities
You'll organize meetings with your fellow students. You can choose the format, the ultimate goal is get to know your students and help them with the issues they face.
Cultural exchange
In Innopolis there are students from over 40 countries. Bros and sis are expected to encourage diversity by inspiring students to get to know other cultures.
Why becoming a bro/sis?
  • Take part in forming international community at Innopolis University;
  • Make friends with people from a different background;
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills and soft skills;
  • Help others by sharing your knowledge and experience with others;
  • Improve your English language skills;
  • Get innopoints!
Join Innopolis FELLOWSHIP!
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