We bring sports competition and excitement to the dispute. We argue on any topic, teach to argue constructively and compete in this, as well as teach people to speak beautifully, improvise and tell jokes with a serious face.
Our club is about playing Hoyoverse games, communicating, and having fun! We want to grow our community by popularizing the games we play.

InnoSpace Club
We are a union of students, who are space fans. We host regular meetings to explore the topic of space and are aiming to make an IT project related to space.

Astro Club
Have you ever been fascinated by the night sky? Would you like to learn more about our universe and its mysteries? Would you like to take part in observations of astronomical events? Join the cozy astronomy community! We want to share our experience and tell you about the delights of astronomy.
Advanced Gardening Club
We are a community of people interested in gardening with modern science and technology. We are planning to create a plan for the first garden prototype. AGC: make gardens smarter, healthier and cheaper.

St.George Club of Innopolis University
We create new worlds and enjoy the old ones. We make hundreds of stories and characters. We connect people through common goals and challenges. Together we "implete vacuum" of our souls and minds.

The club created as a platform for playing tabletop role play games or any other roleplay games. Our goal is to create local adventure league and introduce new people to it.
Tabletop Games Club
Tabletop Games Club is a place where you can play games in a nice and friendly atmosphere. For now meetings are held in Innopolis, but we plan to visit bigger events in Kazan (such as HobbyGames gatherings and MTG Friday Night Magic) together with you.
GO Club
Go is a strategy board game, where the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. We play with professional coaches from Kazan, so come and learn to play with us!
Innopolis University Quiz Club

This club shares knowledge among members to improve their perception about different cultures, places and events mainly through quiz format. We are planning to organize and play quizes regularly, as well as host World Quizzing Championship mock among the students.
DTP: Innopolis Discussion Tea Party
We are a friendly community that discusses topics related to art, technology and other similar fields. Our goals are to grow as community and make its content as diverse as possible.

Inno Tea Club
The mission of the club is for tea lovers to try different types of tea (because many people cannot afford to buy many different teas). We want to make exquisite teas affordable for club members, build a stable and friendly community and give a basis to the culture of tea in Innopolis University. Just Drink It.
Inno Stand Up
Have something to joke about? Or you're really bad at this? Inno Stand Up Club is open for anyone who wants to try comedy genre and once perform on a stage! Open yourself in front of the audience, which doesn't judge. We will help you to joke through your pain, concerns, and dark insights.
Innopolis Brawl Stars
We are a community of brawl stars. We want to improve as players and generate lots of fun content!
Nintendo Guardians
All you need to know about our club:

- Joint crazy games
- Frequent competitions and development in eSports
- Very cozy atmosphere
- ... and pizza
Innopolis Mafia Club
IMC is a place where we organize and play mafia, a game that teaches you to think logically and emotionally, helps you improve your deduction skills, emotional intelligence, intuition and enables you to connect with people.
Inno Cooking Club
We love cooking and want to capitalize our passion into cooking community. We plan to invite guest cooks, experiment with different dishes and take high position in Club League to acquire an oven and other suful equipment for cooking excellence!
Well Eating Guides is a community of people who discover the cooking world. Together we cook what we would not do alone and develop our chef skills. After all, we have fun and taste delicious meals together. And by the way, we eat meat!
Club of Anime fans
Rest from hard working. Join us and watch anime, play anime quests and participate in discussions.
I'm here if you have any questions related to Student Clubs and out-of-class activities at Innopolis University! Inbox me or meet me in room 319!
Student Clubs Advisor
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