Gamedev Evenings
Gamedev Evenings is a fast-growing community of game developers, who are motivated to create amazing indie games! We encourage to join people with any experience, and organize a lot of diverse activities: masterclasses, game meetings, game jams and a lot of other great meetings!
BDSM (Boosting Development in Science and Math)
We help fellow bachelors to understand math. We want to provide better learning experience for students and create a world without D's.

Innopolis Cyber Experts
ICE is a cybersecurity community, dedicated to obtain practical experience and real world skills. We are actively participating in security related activities and conduct regular meetings to learn & practice.
Tech guys of IU
We are a community of students interested in equipment setup and usage for events and online streamings
Innopolis Robotics Society
We invite people to join us to learn, create, and have a blast with fellow students who share a love for robotics, just like you. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, everyone's welcome. We host thrilling events like hackathons, workshops, and cozy get-togethers with other robotics enthusiasts. Let's innovate, create, and inspire together!
Inno Linux Club
Members of this club praise the Open-source Software, vim, bash, and study Linux. Join us if you are interested in.
Data Science Club
Our club is dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of data science and providing a platform for students who are passionate about this field to come together, learn, and grow.
Project Management Tool Craft Club
We are a club passionate about harnessing the power of project management tools to drive success in every endeavour
IT Job Speedrunners
We learn anything related to IT jobs weekly. Our mission is to provide an environment of motivated students who learn something useful for their IT profession and report their achievements
Java Advanced Machines
Our club is about learning and debating about Java frameworks, utilities, libraries, etc. Our mission is to prepare skilled Java programmers and build community of these programmers. Our goals are to reach at least 30 members of the club and hold a joint event with Bachelor Degenerates Studying Math (BDSM) Club.

Artificial Intelligence Club
We are together to learn different topics of Data Science from basic to advanced as well as do fascinating researches in a collaborative team.
App Development with Swift
We unite creative and talented people to create useful apps. We are diving in a huge world of Apple development, design and process of creating some cool programming projects.
Club will provide help for students to prepare for tests, exams, home assignments to pull up knowledge of students and make them motivated to study. The club will be closed. We will have several number of tutors who will help students to learn the certain subject.
Innopolis Blockchain Club
Our Club is about blockchain development and decentralized applications. Our aim is to get people acquainted with the groundbreaking technology of distributed ledgers. Eventually, we want to launch a startup in the crypto field. In Crypto We Trust.
C# Lords of Innopolis University
Learning the C# programming language and developing user applications in it
Would you like to join the club? Or start your own? Then write me and I'll help you.
Evgeniia Dyuzhakova
Student Clubs Advisor
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