Innopolis University
Student Union
Connecting Students.
Who we are?
Student Union helps students to maintain effective communication with university administration and professors, as well as aids students to make university life more interesting, productive and fun.
How to become a member of the Student Union?
  1. Be an active student by volunteering, event organization or any other out-of-class work and initiatives.

  2. Sooner or later you will be noticed by some of the members of SU structures and your candidateship will be overviewed at the general meeting.
The Union consists of 4 main structures
Those responsible for the maintenance of the SU and representation of the whole Student Community.
Event Organizers, Project Coordinators, Club Leaders, Senior Volunteers.
Student Representatives
Each study group has a representative who solves urgent problems and communicates with university administration on behalf of the group.
Those are the most experienced students, they know how to organize certain communication processes and complex events, they help newcomers to establish new activities and projects.
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