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Academic Plan
Check out the nuances of your academic life at Innopolis University.

Eduwiki - is educational program service at Innopolis University. There you can find your academic calendar, study plans, course schedule.

This document will help you to navigate through the following questions: academic performance control and regulations, retake policy, absence, etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Education Dept in room 460 or via
Final exams and Retakes
Final exams are scheduled within defined exam period according to Academic Calendar.
A, B, C and P for final exams (final course grade) are positive results. It is not possible to retake them. D and F are negative results.
Student's absence on exam without an admissible excuse, D and F are equivalent to the academic failure. Students must eliminate academic failure.

According to Russian Law academic failure must be eliminated within 1 year, but retakes dates are established by University in agreement with the professor.
Document confirming the reason of absence due to admissible excuse (sick list, medical certificate, medical assessment report and so on) should be provided no later than 3 days after getting this document with application.
Retakes might be conducted during studying or holiday period. Students have no more than 2 retakes for each course or internship according to Russian law. The first retake is conducted by professor. The second retake is conducted by the Committee assigned by University. Retake schedule notification is sent on university email.
Those students who has not eliminated academic failure during the defined period are expelled from University as students who did not fulfil obligations of educational program acquisition with good faith and who did not fulfil the curriculum adjusted by University.
Accommodation & Meal Plan
Living in the dorm of Innopolis University
Basic dorm facilities include: WiFi zone, set of bed linen and towels, hygiene kit, maintenance room cleaning, 24-hour laundry room, drinking water on each floor, free parking, use of stove and air conditioner. Also, the dorm offers duplicate keys making and luggage storage.

For all questions you can approach dormitory administration on the 1st floor of the 3rd dorm or text @Inno_dorm
Dormitory basic rules:
  • Be respectful.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Hours of silence: 10pm - 7am.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes (including hookahs, electronic cigarettes etc.), drugs and offensive behaviour/ are forbidden on the territory of the campus.
  • Be careful while cooking! Do not block fire detectors. Doing so will result in disciplinary sanctions.
  • To bring guests you'll need to arrange guest pass for them. To bring them overnight you'll have to book a place via dormitory website.

Places to eat at Innopolis University
How to Order References?
You can order a reference on MyUniversity by selecting the right type of reference,
amount of copies and for whom are you ordering it.
Extracurricular Opportunities
Enrich your life
There are over 50 student clubs at the campus, as well as numerous other extracurricular opportunities to keep you occupied while having a break from studies! Make your time at IU and unforgettable experience!
Scholarships & Financial Support
S = Mmin + (Mmax-Mmin)* ((GPA-2) / 3) ^ (2.5) - Sgas
During the first semester some freshmen receive a scholarship assigned by the admissions department upon enrollment. From the second semester, the scholarship will be calculated according to the following formula: S = Mmin + (Mmax-Mmin) * ((GPA-2) / 3) ^ (2.5) -Sgas, where S - scholarship amount; Мmin - the size of the minimum scholarship; Мmax - the size of the maximum scholarship; GPA is student's average grade based on the results of the last intermediate attestation (grade "A" and "P" are equal to grade "5", grade "B" - grade "4", grade "C" - grade "3", grade " D "and" F "- to the score" 2 "); Sgas - amount of state academic scholarship. The amount is a multiple of 100 rubles, rounded down. GPA average grade based on the results of academic performance, rounded to hundredths after the decimal point.
Scholarship for outstanding academic performance

If a student receives all A and P in all subjects for two semesters in a row, then 10,000 rubles will be automatically added to his/her scholarship. Scholarship amount is subject to change.

Increased scholarship

Increased scholarship competition is held every semester to reward students with outstanding achievements in different fields. The amount of increased scholarship is 6,000 rubles. Scholarship amount is subject to change.

Event participation

If you participate at the event such as olympiad, you are eligible to apply for travel and accommodation cost reimbursement. Each case will be considered individually. You will get reimbursed after presenting all necessary booking documents after your arrival.

Financial Support

If you need financial support due to some personal or unexpected reasons, approach Student Affairs Office to fill financial support application in room 319. Each case will be carefully examined, and each applicant will receive personal feedback.
Rules of registration for the military service:
Pick up the documents that the dorm prepares for you in order to obtain temporary registration. To do this, follow the news in the dorm channel . If you see your name, please arrive to administration in dorm 3 and take your documents from 9.00 to 18.00 daily.
Take your documents from the dorm and passport and come to the city council office to obtain your temporary registration.
Address: 114, Sportivnaya street., third door from the Fly/Tattelecom office.
Reception hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00-18:00, Friday - 9:00-17:00.

After that, the city council will notify you by telegram that the registration is ready and you will need to pick it up.
When your registration is ready, you need to collect the following documents:
- copy of passport's 1st page and residence permit (прописка);
- temporary registration;
- academic reference (319 prepares it on its own, you do not need to order it);
- military service registration certificate (оригинал приписного свидетельства);
- application for the military service registration.
Put the documents in a file and bring them to the 319 office.
The 319 office submits documents to the military commissariat.
Finally, we will notify you when you can collect the military service registration certificate in the 319 office.
1. If you are registered in Kazan or Zelenodolsk, you do not need to register in the military office of Verkhny Uslon.
If you have a military service card, you must register at Verkhny Uslon on your own. (documents you need to take: military service card, passport, copy of passport, copy of registration from the City Administration, Reference - Appendix 4).

2. If you have got the request of Reference - Appendix 4 from the military office where you were previously registered, you must also order it on, indicating the name of the military office from which this Reference was requested. Reference will be ready in 5 working days. Also, if you have received a military summons from the military office, you need to bring it to 319.

3. Deferment from the spring/fall calling up for military services is granted after the signing of a summons, taking tests in the medical centre of Innopolis and passing the medical commission at the Central District Hospital of Verkhny Uslon, without passing the medical commission deferment for study is invalid.
Deferment will not be valid if you were previously expelled from the university in which you studied, as the deferment is granted only once. The same, if you are enrolled after vocational school or receive a second higher education.
Exchange Opportunities
We are aiming to provide a gateway into the world by offering academic exchange opportunities. Сheck academic mobility programs and short-term summer/winter schools available for our students by clicking the button below!
Learn more
  • Expand your academic perspective
    Become more knowledgabe, experienced and adapted to global standards of your selected subject.
  • Explore new places and cultures
    Expand your cultural awareness, learn new language and see amazing places while being a student.
  • Create international networks
    Find new friends and join communities that will potentially become the source of international cooperation.
  • Stand out to your employer
    Make your CV look good by adding your international experience and showing what you've gained.
Your Health
Stay Healthy in Innopolis
  • Sport Complex & Sviyaga Hills
    Innopolis city provides its citizens with amazing indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. Check out our modern Sport Complex and Sviyaga Hills resort place!
  • Student Sport Clubs
    There're plenty of student communities which share the same passion for active lifestyle.
  • Sport Classes & Sport Hours
    We have a number of sport classes, i.e. stretching, basic strength training, crossfit,functional training, swimming, for which you get sport hours to cover sport subject. Join Sport in IU ( channel to be updated about sport related matters.
  • Medical Spots in Innopolis
    Medical Center in Innopolis: +79872291300 or @inno_clinic. In case of emergency dial 112.
    Outpatient Centre, 4 dorm, 1st floor. It provides 24/7 medical advice, emergency and primary assistance.

Psychological Service at IU
  • Counselling
    Whether you feel low, experience depression or melancholy - don't hesitate to contact qualified professional. Book a meeting with psychologist. You can also contact our psychologist directly.
  • Psychological Trainings and Workshops
    This is an opportunity to get essential skills and know yourself better to be more effective in your life. Soon we will publish a list of workshops available to you!
  • Art Therapy
    Want to discover more about yourself through arts? Relax and draw together in a friendly setting to find answers to deep questions. Join Art Therapy.
  • Medical Checkup & Monitoring
    Our yearly medical check-up consists of multiple assessments, including psychological survey as part of medical check-up. It helps to see the level of student psychological comfort at Innopolis University.

Volunteering & Innopoints
Every year Innopolis University hosts a number of events where you can have a taste of organization and planning. Develop your soft skills by becoming a volunteer at various events and projects. Click here for open opportunities!
Innopoints system
Innopoints system is designed to reward students for their outstanding contribution to extracurricular life. Innopoints can be exchanged for branded merch, monthly accommodation and meals. Click here to visit the InnoStore!
Migration Control for International Students
Get yourself acquainted with IU migration rules
It is important to abide to migration control regulations to avoid penalties or possible deportation. It is your responsibility to ensure your presence in Russia is legal.
Here are the instructions for all international students, who returned to Innopolis University after being abroad or in any other booked accommodation (i.e. hotel) for at least one night. There are 3 buttons in "Migration Control" section of your personal account on My University (look at the picture above):
  • 1
    Migration Card
    Find "Migration Card". Upload the scan of your migration card and scan of all pages of your passport (even empty) in one PDF file in "Migration Card" part. You must do it within 3 days once you return to Innopolis University for getting your new registration card!
  • 2
    Find "Visa" section and upload the scan of your visa. Fill the gaps with the information about your visa.
  • 3
    After that you will receive your new registration card within 7-10 days. Once you get it - find "Registration" section, upload its scan and fill the gaps with the information about your registration.
If you don't upload required documents on time, you will pay "late fee" worth 2000 rubles YOURSELF in Migration department of Verkhny Uslon. Two failures will lead to your deportation. So please pay attention to the expiration date of your documents!
Facilitate your studies with available academic materials. Our library has everything to support you throughout your stay at Innopolis Univerity.
Find out more and order books
Links, Groups & Contacts
Useful contacts in Innopolis University
Psychology Service
Student Union
Sport / Physical Education
Technical Help (furniture, markers, lights, A/C, etc.)
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