Our students proactively put ideas into practice by organizing various events to enrich their student life and gain valuable skills. Many events at IU are initiated and run by enthusiastic members of student community.
Events in 22/23 academic year
- Student Rep Elections
- Club Fest
- Halloween
- Lounge Zone
- Silence Evening
- Student Escape
- Science Fest
- Quiz
- Secret Santa
- IU Birthday
- Students' Day
- St Valentines Day
- International Fest
- Lounge Zone
- Quiz
- Spring Ball
- Lounge Zone
- Silence Evening
- Slippers of the Year
- IU Diamonds
Spring Ball 2022
InnoBootCamp 2021
Student Escape 2022
Slippers of the Year 2021
Inno Rock Ball: April 2023
An incredible Rock Ball with band performances, dancing, games, disco and a Rock ball Queen
International Fest: March 2023
It is the biggest celebration of cultures in Innopolis University.
Roundtable discussion, Quiz, Language exchange, Grand Concert, Pakistani breakfast
Inno St. Valentines Day: February 2023
Amazing and full of love event at the university
Students` Day: January 2023
An award ceremony for students for outstanding achievements and excellent academic progress
New year party: December 2022
Celebration of the New Year with a creative performances, Secret Santa gifts and a disco.
IU 10 Years Anniversary:December 2022
Celebration of the anniversary in style!
INNO GOT TALENT: November 2022
First creative festival at IU
Tutorship Program`s Quiz: October 2022
Quiz for tutors and their freshers
IU Quiz: February 2022
The first event of IU Quiz Series 2022
Tutorship & Buddy Program Thank You Party 2022
Thank you party for tutors and buddies who took part in bachelors' adaptation project.
Science Fest 2021
A week of exciting events to popularize science at IU
Student Club Fest 2021
The most populated IU event with clubs exposing themselves
Inno Boot Camp 2022
This event is designed to top off the Summer School for bachelor freshmen and to get to know more about cultural wealth of Innopolis University.
Graduation Ceremony & Afterparty
Conventional event to celebrate another release of graduates
InnoBootCamp 2021
Adaptation project for new bachelor students of Innopolis University
Slippers of the Year 2021
Traditional and the most authentic IU event to celebrate the end of studies
IU Diamonds 2021
A new tradition was launched to reward most active students in extracurricular life
International Fest 2021
International Fest is designed to celebrate cultural diversity at Innopolis University
Job Fair 2021
Job Fair is an opportunity to connect students with the industry
Spring Ball 2021
Spring Ball is one of the most mesmerizing dancing events of Innopolis University
Student Lounge Zone
Open social space for students that happens every last Thursday of the month.
Tutorship Program Thank You Party 2021
The first Tutorship Program was concluded in ArtSpace with amazing entertainment event!
Graduation Afterparty 2020
Afterparty was held in Bar 108 with fantastic atmosphere and activities.
Graduation Ceremony 2020
Meet our 2020 graduates!
Student Groups Contest 2020
The contest is held among study groups and involves various activities that are scattered in different locations of IU.
Poetic Evening 2020
The evening gathered the most poetic people of Innopolis in Bar 108.
Students' Day 2020
This event marks outstanding academic results of our best students, and is followed by spicy party afterwards
Soft Skills School
Business game aimed at developing soft skills like decision making, team work and communication; followed by aftermath discussion sessions
Secret Santa 2019
Christmas & New Year campaign which calls students and staff members exchange gifts anonymously!
Club Fest 2019
Club Fest is a vibrant event which exposes the variety of student clubs, artistic talents and other out-of-class activities.
Graduation AfterParty 2019
Informal gathering happened in Bar 108 to close and celebrate the graduation of 2019.
Graduation & Matriculation Ceremony 2019
First 4-years complete program was finished by the graduates at Innopolis University in 2019! See photos from this spectacular event.
Inno Bootcamp 2019
This event is designed to top off the Summer School for bachelor freshmen and to get to know more about cultural wealth of Innopolis University. 160 students attended boot camp this year.
Slippers of the Year 2019
Annual "Slippers of the Year" party to celebrate the end of 18/19 year studies was help in Innopolis University.
Innopolis Futsal League Final 2019
The final between opposites Snowy "Blizzards" and magestic "Phoenix" was indeed majestic and incredible. At last after a dramatic game, Snowy "Blizzards" were crowned winner.
Student Club Conference 2019
The first ever conference was held in Innopolis, where 7 club leaders presented their club's story to share experience and give insights on out-of-class activities to other students.
Global Game Jam 2019
This annual international hackathon gathers creative game developers and makes them design a game in a limited time frame.
Students Futsal All-Star Game Draft
As part of the regular Innopolis Futsal League, the organizers decided to host an All-Star game featuring three professors, who selected their teams at Draft Ceremony.
Club Fest
A massive exposition of our student clubs & societies with various games and challenges provided by clubs-participants.
Babushka Club trip to Sviyazhsk
International Stuidents Club "Babushka" travelled to Sviyazhsk to celebrate Maslenitsa!
Students Day 2019
This annual event acknowledges academic achievements of our students and gathers them together in informal setting.
Secret Santa 2018
Inspired by warm arrival of Christmas time students and members of staff exchanged presents to gift the spirit of this Holiday to each other.
Halloween 2018
Outstanding performance, costume contest, horror show, face painting and photo zone - was all in one at Halloween 2018!
Poetic Evening, Summer Farewell
We gather the most soulful, inspirational and artistic students to share their pieces of poetry in a small and cozy circle.
Club Fest 2018
A massive exposition of our student clubs & societies with various games and challenges provided by clubs-participants.
Fresher Initiation 2018
Traditional Initiation ceremony followed by fun activities and collective meal.
#InnoBootCamp2018 Ethno Village 2018, Bachelors
This event is desigend to top off the Summer School for bachelor freshmen and to get to know more about cultural wealth of Innopolis University.
An intellectual pub quiz with a great atmosphere and brain-screwing team tasks.
Slippers of the Year
The annual traditional event, where we take leave of an academic year and reward students and university staff members for various achievements.
Independent Activities Weekend
A set of different competitions, including CTF, ICM, cooking challenge and more.
Futsal Cup
Indoor football competition where students can play not only among themselves, but also get checked by professors!
Spring Ball
Themed dancing event with lots of colorful dresses, food and photos!
The Masked Ball "Mad Tea-Party"
A beautiful and romantic event with lovely music and pleasurable surprises.
Student`s Day
Informal student party at 108 bar.
Halloween Party
Halloween – Themed Halloween party with creepy clothing on.
Global Game Jam
Game creation event that takes place at different locations all around the globe.
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