Student Club Leaders
Responsibilities, opportunities & rewards
Club Leader's Reward
Club leader is eligible to apply for innopoints for successful club leadership every semester via corresponding project card on Innopoints Website.
Regular Schedule
If you require resources for your club's regular meetings (i.e. room, projector, sports hall), whether it's IU building or Sport Complex, please handle it with @andrejsblakunovs
Club Guest Passes
If your club is based at IU main building and some of your club members require access to it, please fill the names in this table and notify @andrejsblakunovs
Club League Criteria
Every month we collect data about student clubs performance by sending out monthly report form to Club Leaders' chat. Club League criteria are available here.
Clubs' budgets
Clubs are entintled to semestral budget according to their position in Club League. New clubs have no budget for the first semester of their existence.
Sport clubs mark attendance via Sports Portal. New clubs aren't giving sport hours for the first semester of their existence. Non-sport clubs mark attendance via this app. Watch 1-minute heads' and members' instruction videos.
Higher Scholarship
Club leaders are able to earn points to qualify for higher scholarship. Moreover, leaders of top 3 clubs are able to nominate 3 other active members for such points.
Clubs Headquarters
Student Clubs are welcome into their own home - fully furbished and equipped room, where club memebrs can meet and run their classes. It may also be used as a storage room, lounge zone or event's headquarters.
Student Clubs Advisor
Hey, I'm here to assist you with any queries regarding your student community, club project or event. I'm based in Student Affairs office, room 319. Or you can simply drop me a message via @andrejsblakunovs.
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