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our mission
The main purpose of our club is to unite people through the greatest game of football. We want to give an opportunity for students to enjoy playing football and improve their skills. Regular trainings, tactics discussions, experience exchange, different physical exercises and friendly atmosphere - things that we preach here.
Club Committee
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make the club a happy place!
Akhmetbek Ali
Pimenov Denis
Finance Director
Enes Ayan
Futsal Operations Director
Ahmetshin Aidar
Commercial Director
Begishev Danis
Football Operations Director
Kochan Danila
Communications Director
Our Projects
Futsal Cup
Spring 2018 Innopolis Futsal Cup became the first ever tournament, organized by students. We had five teams, filled with staff members, professors and, of course, students.
Innopolis Football League
After successful start SAFI club stepped up on the next level and launched first ever Innopolis 11x11 Football League! The first season collected three teams, which played 2 rounds in fall 2018. The winner was decided in the final game.
Champions 2018: Phoenix
Tasma 8x8 Championship
Our team has participated in Kazan 8x8 Football Championship "Tasma". It was useful experience for the young team which mainly consisted of first and second year students. Guys have shown their own playing style with dignity.
Free training workshop
In November 2018 our club reached out in the community and held a training dedicated to futsal basics. This training was designed for kids who want to become future football stars!
Innopolis Futsal League
First futsal league organized by our club. Participants:
First Year students and Masters (Blizzards)
Second Year students (Тайфун and Титан)
Third Year students (Обузевшие)
Team of Graduates (Выпускники)
City Companies team (Феникс)
Champions 2019: Blizzards
Students All Star Game
Exclusive event organized by Innopolis University Football Club.
Three teams were represented by respective professors:
Manuel Mazzara
Giancarlo Succi
Victor Rivera
By Result of the special Draft contest each team was presented with special uniform
We are more than just a club.
We are one big family.

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