IBC is a summer adaptation program for freshers,
which aims to provide exceptional hospitality for new students
and give them a taste of life at Innopolis University!
What does the program
look like?
The program consists of numerous events,
which target academic, administrative, social,
extracurricular aspects of student life.

Freshers will attend classes in math, programming
and English language; take part in various out-of-class
activities and spend time with buddies - assigned
student mentors for 2-weeks period of the program.

How to get to Innopolis?
University address: г. Иннополис, ул. Университетская, д. 1

You will have to make your own way to Innopolis
From the train station
Taxi to Kazan city centre "Комбинат Здоровье" bus station. Then shuttle bus 108 service to Innopolis. Use a help bot for schedules.
From the airport
Train to Kazan. Then get to "Комбинат Здоровье" bus station and take shuttle bus 108 service to Innopolis.
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