International Fest 2022
Explore the variety of cultures at Innopolis University!
Fest Schedule, 24-27 March
International Round Table Discussion
This event is largely aimed at international students. Address your questions and concerns related to your life at Innopolis University and Russia. We will do our best to provide answers to all your questions. This meeting will have formal format, so it is advisable to wear formal clothes. Register here to ask your question and attend.
Thursday, 24
Room 425
Presentation Karaoke
Join our event where participants perform impromptu presentations with no clue what the next slide will be! You can join as a presenter or just spectator! Text Kamil if you want to try yourself on a stage with a random presentation!
Thursday, 24
Room 313
Cooking Show
Become part of the cooking show where you'll be randomly assigned to one of our eight head chefs from different countries and cook their national cuisine together! Each chef may have 3 people, so places are limited! Register here by Wednesday.
Friday, 25
IU Kitchen
International Fair: Airport Theme
International Fair will entail country presentations in free format: games, language lessons, quizzes, etc. We'll have country stations that will welcome tourists (you) to spend holidays together. You'll be getting tickets to "fly" to a certain country for 15 minutes and feel the spirit of respective country!
Saturday, 26
Reading Hall
Ethno Disco
International Fair will be followed by Ethno Disco! Send your music tracks to Nastya to be played at the event! Please make sure they can relate to International Fest theme.
Saturday, 26
Reading Hall
Register for the Quiz, which will have slightly new format: buzzer system will enable faster teams to provide answers first! Full rules will be given in participants' group. Max number of people per team: 5. Max number of teams: 8. Please register by Thursday. If you don't have a team, you can be drawn to one.
Sunday, 27
Room 313
Holi Fest
Holi Fest is a celebration of colors where participants exchange with painted powder throws. This event will cover you in dry paint, so please wear clothes that are unlikely to re-use. Check out what Holi Fest is! Register here by Thursday!
Sunday, 27
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