ROck ball
1. Natalia Agapova
Hello! i'm Natasha and i'm happy to be one of the nominees!!
❤️ I dance at InnoStreetDance and i am a huge fan of hip-hop
❤️ I love girl in red
❤️ I named my dog after the lead singer of Linkin Park
❤️ When i was born i couldn't walk :(

2. Daria Verevkina
👸🏻 Pretty, smart, activist and English tutor
👠 I go to university in heels more often than in slippers
🎤 Host of your events
🎀 I don't bat my eyelashes, I twist my hair
If you vote for me, then a plus in your karma is guaranteed
3. Dory
👑 I'm Dory (maybe some of you already know me)
❤️ Athlete, dancer, ambassador of Innopolis, member of the Student Union and active member of the dance club
🔥 I have never repeated in an outfit or image for 2-3 weeks
🎸 Learned the AC/DC song "TNT" when I still didn't speak English well, Linkin Park's "In the end" often is on repeat, and "Кукла Колдуна" is one of my favorite songs
❤️ I play the guitar and love dogs, I'm always ready to help
🥀 And I hope that at the ball you will personally see everything
💫 Waiting for your votes

On April 8, come to the Rock Ball and vote for YOUR Queen
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