About us
Talk Space is an enterprise that delivers an opportunity for everyone to participate in public speaking events, debates and self-help workshops. It's a community of people who want to exchange ideas, express thoughts and learn new things. The club has four branches: public speaking, debates, education zone and chit-chat room. All branches are open for free spectators.

Words we speak,
Thoughts we sneak.
Have a look at the four branches of Talk Space
  • Public Speaking
    Public Speaking branch entails individual performances with quick feedback, as well as impromptu speeches. Speech length varies from 4-15 minutes. There'll be a monthly tip related to public speaking. Participants can try the following roles: speaker, evaluator, host.
  • Debating
    Debate branch is where the hot and controversial topics are discussed. Two teams will debate each other over a certain topic in proposed format with several rounds while judges are monitoring. "Change my mind" debate will happen between one person and everyone else.
  • Education Zone
    Education Zone gives an opportunity to present some tips or book reviews, run a workshop on self-development or a soft skills training. It's a chance for everyone to try a role of educator and try to organize your own knowledge to share it to a group. Propose a topic if you want to deliver a class!
  • Chit-chat
    Occasionally we'll have cozy informal gatherings to spend time together, make friends and discuss whatever matters and pleas for expression. These meetings can take different formats and involve other social activities regardless of the main focus of Talk Space community!
Meet Kamil, one of the founders of the club
I am Kamil Sabbagh, born and raised in Latakia, Syria. I adore challenging myself to full extent. As a book worm, some of the most things I love are stories and storytelling. A normal story will be heard and forgotten. But a good story inspires ideas, challenges beliefs and unites people. I was thrilled by looking at people, who are just like me, standing up and telling all kinds of fantastic stories on a stage. It inspired me to go up and take the stage challenging myself and share my stories. I believe we all have our interesting stories that are worth sharing, so I encourage you to join us and share yours!

Kamil Sabbagh, Club Leader
Innopolis University
What roles can you take at Talk Space public speaking meetings?
The host's role is to facilitate the meeting by introducing speakers, making smooth transitions between the blocks and closing the event.
The speaker applies for an event by proposing a topic and a brief abstract of the speech. After getting a slot the speaker can address certain points that he/she would want evaluator to focus on.
Evaluator is assigned to a speaker. Evaluator's feedback consists of two parts: verbal feedback, which is presented publicly and private notes, which are handed to the speaker after the speech.
"The greatest power is to be found in articulated speech," - Jordan B Peterson
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