Gamedev Evenings
Gamedev Evenings is a fast-growing community of game developers, who are motivated to create amazing indie games! We encourage to join people with any experience, and organize a lot of diverse activities: masterclasses, game meetings, game jams and a lot of other great meetings!
Java Advanced Machines
Our club is about learning and debating about Java frameworks, utilities, libraries, etc. Our mission is to prepare skilled Java programmers and build community of these programmers. Our goals are to reach at least 30 members of the club and hold a joint event with Bachelor Degenerates Studying Math (BDSM) Club.

GraphQL with cookies
The Developers Club of Innopolis University on GraphQL. We discuss the latest news about this technology and show our own projects. Everything in a cozy atmosphere and with cookies.
BDSM (Bachelor Degenerats Solving Math)
We help fellow bachelors to understand math. We want to provide better learning experience for students and create a world without D's.

Artificial Intelligence Club
We are together to learn different topics of Data Science from basic to advanced as well as do fascinating researches in a collaborative team.
App Development with Swift
We unite creative and talented people to create useful apps. We are diving in a huge world of Apple development, design and process of creating some cool programming projects.
Inno Linux Club
Members of this club praise the Open-source Software, vim, bash, and study Linux. Join us if you are interested in.
Innopolis Blockchain Club
Our Club is about blockchain development and decentralized applications. Our aim is to get people acquainted with the groundbreaking technology of distributed ledgers. Eventually, we want to launch a startup in the crypto field. In Crypto We Trust.
Unreal Reality Club
VR/AR development in Innopolis University. The goal of the club is to develop students and learn about the development of VR/AR games and applications, share experiences, as well as discuss industry news.
InnoRust Club
Are you interested in the Rust programming language? Join our club! We gather together to exchange experience with Rust, help each other and discuss Rust-related news. And if you're just starting with Rust, attend our lectures on Rust for newcomers!
Information Security
We increase the level of security education and also prepare for Capture The Flag competitions. We regularly take part in contests and win them, so if you wish to join our community, please do it ASAP.
IEEE Student Branch, IU
IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions. We foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
Mobile Dev
The main theme of the club is development of applications for the IOS and Android platforms. We are going to create a strong community and align group members' skills by training, as well as will work together to consider basic ideas for projects and implementation.
I'm here if you have any questions related to Student Clubs and out-of-class activities at Innopolis University! Inbox me or meet me in room 319!
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