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Innopolis University Football Club
Football is in our blood. We train to improve skills and tactics, as well as to compete in various tournements. We are freindly and welcoming community. Join and have fun.
RAGE (Russian Ancient Games & Entertainments)
This is a fellowship, united under the aegis of shared values and exercises in physical, spiritual and cultural dimensions. Learn more at club's page.
Innopolis University Volleyball Club
Our club is growing as we train hard and improve technical aspects of the game. We are a friendly community of people who like hitting the ball over the net. We are waiting to see you at our sessions!
"Victoria" Karate Dojo
Shinkyokushinkai Karate is a full-contact oriental martial art related to the physical development of the body, the spirit and the acquisition of the knowledge of combat. The study of Karate includes not only hard training, but also the comprehension of Japanese culture, mentality and philosophy.

Inno Tricking
We love doing flips and other tricks. We train acrobatics/tricking to learn new skills. Join us if you are interested in improving your body control!
Rising Sun Ninja Club
It's hot inside. Ninjas protect their palms. The fight of honour. We want to expand the range of activities and smoothly flow into a sports club by adding training in movement coordination and Japanese style of wrestling.
Esports Club
Our club is a community of students who love playing E-Sports and want to play and compete with other students. Our goal for the semester is to conduct regular meetings & organize at least one tournament!
Functional LSD
In our club we prepare for sports competitions, promote healthy lifestyle, develop strength and endurance. Membership fee: 4000 rubles per month to cover professional instructor's costs.
Triathlon Club
Here you will develop endurance and speed in different disciplines. Running, swimming, cycling - that's what will help you boost your physical abilities to the maximum!
Tracto "Inno Branch" Parkour & Freerunning Club
Tracto "Inno Branch" is a dedicated parkour community club. Not only a club for training jumps and new moves, but, more essentially, learning how to understand and control your body, perceive surroundings, and adapt to the environment
Winter Jogging Club
We'll certainly get you out of comfort zone with outdoor running and ice bathing.
Innopolis Cricket Club
We are here to promote a very famous sport known as cricket.

Mixed Sports and Learning for M
We play various sports, study together, do barbeques, have forest walks and more. We are a company of friends!
Armwrestling Club
We are looking for people who are interested in armwrestling and creating competitive events.
Floorball Club
The club is about training floorball skills and creating Innopolis University floorball team. We are aiming to organize at least one match vs a floorball team from Innopolis, Kazan or other city.

Innopolis University Badminton Club
The first Badminton club of Innopolis for students who have never held a racket before, as well as for those who are already familiar with it. We have some experienced players who are willing to introduce this sport to others. We are looking forward to compete in tournaments too.
Sports activities always taught us restraint, discipline, rigor, as well as helped to keep ourselves in a good physical shape. What can be better than practicing real masculine sport under the guidance of experienced coaches? Be part of our team and learn this difficult but interesting art.
Innopolis University Chess Club
We meet twice a week to play chess OTB, share knowledge, and discuss chess news and events from all over the world. We also hold different tournaments regularly. Everyone is welcome to join us - from beginners to professionals!
Basketball club of Innopolis University
We create a team for regular trainings and participation in student and amateur leagues. Don't hesitate if you have never played, we'll make sure you become a good player!
Table Tennis Club
Join the club to have fun, meet new friends and be the part of Table Tennis Community in Innopolis University. Also, you can take part in our League to track your rating and become a professional player.
Tennis Club
Tennis Club looks to provide recreational and competitive tennis activity for students. Our mission is to encourage and promote tennis as a way to keep healthy and fit.

I'm here if you have any questions related to Student Clubs and out-of-class activities at Innopolis University! Inbox me or meet me in room 319!
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